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Instagram photo by jacked.veganAlittle bit about me- Growing up,once I started traveling on my own for ballet I had an otrocious #diet ... A basic day in my past- my mom had to force me to eat some toast with pb running out the door (I was more into like #milk duds "breakfast of champions" I once said) Some sort of #sandwich #ham (pig) #dunkindonuts XL #coffee coolata every day before my commute to the city either a huge #cupcake or #brownie before #ballet class #dietcoke ( #cancer anyone? ) to #hydrate (I don't know why I was so dumb) After classes I would have #tastidelite (some more cancer) Some snack before the bus ride home...think rice crispies with a #chocolate bar or a mrs.feilds cookie cupcake Than I would get home at about 1030 pm and my mom would have made some sort of #meat based dinner (she thought she was being a good mother and providing me with the much needed #nutrition I lacked when left to my own devices. My point is that I ate like crap!!! I have never had an issue with excess body weight, If anything I got made fun of by strangers who thought I was too thin or #anorexic (before I was;) but I did have issues with how I felt about myself #selfesteem and #selflove .when I quit dancing for a few years is when my #eatingdisorders took over. I spent years mistreating and taking advantage of my body- my home. People that know me now as a #vegan seem to forget that I come from a lifetime of eating or not eating like an ass. I DIDN'T have any willpower or desire to treat myself and the world properly. I mindlessly ate #gmo chips and #chemical crap all day long. I have alot of damage to undo and that is just one of the countless reasons I'm vegan. My body has never been #healthier #happier #fit #jacked than it is today. #abs #workout because you love yourself!!! #recoveryispossible

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