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Instagram photo by annie.yogini'Much unhappiness has come into the world because of bewilderment and things left unsaid.' ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky . I really enjoy sharing. An open book. Complete transparency you could say. . It can be a vulnerable place to be at times, but the injustice of this lies in the hands of others. . I like to talk. I also like to write. Sometimes I draw, paint, sing and dance. This is all an expression of a moment in time. Creativity. . Moments that capture the essence of letting go and intuitively listening, feeling and be-ing. . I also really love to teach and share. And I really, really love the practices of yoga and meditation. . I can talk a lot in my classes, and with my students; I love to connect. I want everyone to be enthusiastic about life. . Perhaps it's selfish. Maybe, I need a gag, a censor, perhaps you feel it's your job to shut me down, control me, manipulate my vulnerability. . But, I'm afraid this person that let you in and trusted your essence, has something more to say, and it's worth hearing, because it is not your job to shut me down. It's your choice to discontinue reading. . Humanity. One simple word that many people throw around, but are you really listening? . It is our job to support one another, to encourage each other to greatness, to believe in the impossible, and to want the next person, the next teacher, the next generation to do more, to be more, to experience life fully. . I don't pretend to know more, in fact, I know, that I know very little. But I also know, that you're life is a gift, as is mine. . Maybe that was too much, or perhaps too little for some. Instagram is here to share? To create? To support? Whatever your perspective, know that I see in you, the sane light I have in me, and i want it to shine brighter 🙏🏼 Namaste . . . . . . #encouragement #yoga #life .

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