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Instagram photo by pinkiebitz(Pic stolen from the net but unsure of creator) You know one thing that really frustrates me?? Having been bed or wheelchair bound and in hospital for a yr and a half so far....obviously i have lost so much muscle tone, my legs have wasted and ive put on a bit of weight....but sooo many ppl talk about the fact THEY have put on weight and then always look me up and down and say "but at least YOU have an excuse!" Um...excuse me? Did i join the convo by including how fat i think I am?? Gahhh....really grinds my gears! I actually find it rather rude.... dont include me in your personal whinge...dont tell me im lucky because i have an excuse! Its almost as if they have suddenly realised 'oh pinkie is fat too so so i most well just remind her about how fat she has become'. Lol Anyway there are so many fellow wheelchair peeps who are so fit and healthy....they work out regularly and look amazing-so i dont have an excuse except that im not in my home environment and are instead stuck in this hospital. Not being able to cook yummy veg and healthy meals also makes it a tad hard but again i should be able to change all that when i finally get to go home. Have never been so excited at the thought of meal prep and cooking ever in my life!! Haha bring it on 😎😎 My CRPS flare has either begun to subside or else I've just become used to it but im finding each day a tad easier and im so thankful for that. Off now to spend some rare quality time with my amazing hubby and daughter @brojade so phone shall be put away-need to fit in their visit between pain flares lol ive also developed a reaction to one of the new meds they placed me on and literally want to rip every inch of skin from my body as there is such an incessant itch that i could scream! Not good when i already can barely tolerate touch because of the crps and therefore cant actually scratch the areas. Life of a spoonie hey 😉 Hope everyone is having an amazing low pain day and are able to spend it with those you love xxx #crps #crpswarrior #crpsflames #complexregionalpainsyndrome #wheelchair #hospital #itch #medications #spoonie #painsucks #pain #noexcuse #yesiknowimfat #yourproblemnotmine #family

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