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Instagram photo by marianna_tmomof4This parenting gig is hard. The discernment continues...🙏🏼🙏🏼 No one ever really tells you how hard it will be before you start. Maybe they do, but you don’t really understand until you are faced with hard decisions. I’ve loved homeschooling my children. I love the unity we have as a family. The time we have to play. The space we have created for ourselves away from the chaotic world. I love waking up at 8am and us doing simple things like eating fancy breakfasts together or starting the day off with a few books. The boys build forts. We do work on our timeline. We take breaks when we want and play more outside on gorgeous days. My kids are best friends. They love and care for each other. Their friends are different ages and at the co-op it is normal to see a 2nd grader chasing a 6th grader, who is carrying a laughing 1 year old. It’s beautiful. It’s the life I have felt called to up to this point, despite the hard moments. It’s hard. Just like anything, there are hard days too. Days when little boys don’t really want to do math or start writing papers. Moments when I don’t feel like I can meet everyone’s needs. In these moments it is easy for me to think that putting them back in school will be an easy remedy. The truth is that it is a trade off. We know this as we have been on both sides. One is not better than another, but it is always about honoring the family’s overarching mission and working within the limits and strengths of a family. The family dynamics change. The rhythm and pace changes. The relationships change. Some change for the better and some may not. It has been worth it for so many reasons, but just like every year we begin discerning what we will do for the upcoming year. Homeschooling is a year to year commitment. In the end I know that the Lord will always give me guidance and peace with the decisions we make. I’m grateful for His peace that surpasses all understanding as ultimately it is what I always go back to with my decisions. This parenting gig is hard, but we don’t do it alone. #grateful #praiseHim #homeschooling

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