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Instagram photo by wonderwoman_liftUpdate: Day 3 Slept better, soreness and nausea subsided a bit. Still felt extremely tired but not "hung over", no headache. My mood was down, no energy, strength and irritable. I slept throughout the day. I did feel more mobility throughout my body but my legs(sciatica) still felt tight/cramped here and there. The massage therapist said I will need a few sessions to release all the toxins and really notice positive results. At this point I think my next form of therapy will be #acupuncture . I will also keep up with massages and probably do the cupping a few more times to give it a fair try. If you been following me for awhile you know by now I like to take the #holistic and #ayurveda approach to my #autoimmunedisease treatments. I want to avoid putting harsh chemicals in my body. I have been there and done that and I truly believe they caused more harm than good for my body. All the meds I was prescribed never treated my issues but masked them. With that being said guys, that does not mean I do not believe in Western medicine. I had to take antibiotics a month ago because I had bronchitis. One thing I tell all my #autoimmunewarriors is never stop moving and eat for health. Listen to your body and research everything. Unfortunately, I still don't have the answers to it all. It's been a lot of trial and error but it's worth doing it the smart,healthy way. Good night my #superherofamily , stay safe,swole and sexy #WW out ✌️🤓💕 - - - - #inspire #motivate #support #fibroids #fybromyalgia #scleroderma #ibs #endometriosis #muscledegeneration #cantstopwontstop #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #fitmom #fitness #survivor #fighter #herniateddisc #back #painmanagement #thisisme #raw #real #life

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