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Instagram photo by the.drxmName; Jackson Rhee Age; 18 Gender/Sexuality; Male, He/Him Title; American Jack Role; The Banished Community; Zeus (Leader) Reason You Came to Badlands; Allegedly burned down his house, causing the death of his patents. Him and his sister were the only survivors. Personality; Blunt and rough, Jackson is known to be very rebellious but is often misunderstood. Despite constantly starting fights, he is surprisingly clever and has a very high IQ, but of course he hides that through his rough demeanor. Jackson is fiercely loyal to his comrades and will do anything to protect his sister. While he has trust issues, he is loyal to death to those he chooses to trust. But don't get him wrong, with Jackson there's no second chances. Backstory; His family was a loving family until one day his dad snapped and suddenly completely changed. Jackson began not coming home to prevent fights with his dad but he got into the wrong crowd. The only person in their family he trusted was his sister and he tried to protect her until one day he was unable to, causing her to be scarred for life. Jackson blames himself for it. That day he snapped and burned down their house...apparently. Theme Song; New Americana- Halsey; Lie- Park Jimin Extra; His girlfriend was sent out into the Badlands before him because of something she did. When they met in the Badlands, they practically became family and while they loved each other knew they couldn't rekindle what they had in fear of breaking the "family-like" atmosphere they had for Jackson's sister. Faceclaim; Jackson Wang (Got7) Reactions Below -- #spacer #academyrp #grouprp #selectionrp #joinmyacademy #joinmyacademyrp #academy #group #rp #roleplay #roleplaygroup #areax #lost #forgotten #spacer #heroes #villains #supernatural #cliques]

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