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Instagram photo by readysetsweatgearKeep it up Kimmy! ❤💪🏼 #Repost @kimmyruthwrites ・・・ I'll be honest with you: the last thing I want to do is exercise right now. My train of momentum got derailed a couple weeks ago, and though I made a few faltering attempts to get back on, I haven't really taken it seriously. Once you lose momentum, it's so easy to let things slide to the back of the priority list. But the problem with relying on momentum to carry us places is that we have to realize: life doesn't have cruise control. You can only coast so far before you have to put your foot back on the gas in order to keep moving forward. I've started noticing the effects of not working out lately: feeling sluggish and lethargic again, losing the strength, muscle tone, and flexibility I was slowly but surely beginning to gain. It matters for me to get back into the game even though I don't feel like it. I know that the truth is, with every choice I make, I carve the life I want to live. Actions speak louder than words. If I say I want a life of energy, strength, and focus, then my actions need to start matching up. Otherwise, what I'm really saying is I want a life of laziness, following the dictates of whatever I feel in the moment. I can make excuses, or I can make progress. I can whine, or I can grow. The choice is mine. That's the thing about discipline: it's making repeated hard choices that we're not going to want to make any more the 60th time around than we did the 1st time. But you recognize that there are more important things than what you're feeling in this moment, so you choose to keep going. "Discipline doesn't evolve overnight and that's because building discipline coincides with building character. Neither are instant. You need to give yourself grace to fail. Give yourself grace to be in process. You need to be able to fall down or mess up if you ever want to be a stronger person. The strong person isn't the one who never messes up. The strong person messes up and keeps going anyway. " @hannahbrencher That gold came from HB's monday email this morning, and it's such a helpful perspective to balance my "all or nothing" tendencies. #honestyhour #fitnessfail #graceoverguilt

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