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Instagram photo by wildpinesessentialoilsEnd of MARCH promo! Make one of the best changes you can make for your skin with one, simple, inexpensive switch. Dryer sheets are full of toxic yuck exposed to your skin and respiratory system through clothing and linens every minute of the day. We need to get them out of our lives. "But I want my laundry soft and want it to smell nice," you say? Got you covered, friend. I have something that helps your laundry to dry more quickly, to feel softer, and to be scented with the amazing purity and intoxicating scents of our essential oils. High quality wool Dryer Balls and Lavender Oil! Plus, when you get tired of one scent, you have countless others to choose from like calming Gentle Baby, grounding Sacred Mountain, or refreshing Lemongrass. Wait, did I say Lemongrass? How about you get that one FREE with the best dryer balls I've ever used??? Yes? Buy one set of Dryer Balls that comes WITH a bottle of Lavender Oil and get a Lemongrass oil for FREE!!!! But, wait, it gets even better...you can buy as many as you want while supplies last! Buy five sets of dryer balls and they will come with FIVE free 5ml Lavender Oils, and you will get FIVE free 15ml Lemongrass Oils! Item #: 19456 Price: $23.50 wholesale and $30.92 retail Quick Orders only. US only. Who's ordering after midnight tonight??? Hint: these would make amazing Mother's Day gifts and you could check that box!!! Already packaged pretty in a basket with some other favorites to pamper her??? Yes! Don't forget to add to your order and qualify for the free monthly promos a first or second time!
Instagram photo by deb.rn.ocrSo, this girl and this dog... hahaha they're just like their dad! 🀣 They LOVE their veggies! I was preparing the Brussel sprouts for dinner when Abby said : "My teacher said that she doesn't like brussel sprouts but they're good for you." Then she asked: "Can I have one?" I said later, when they're cooked " . She insisted : "can I have one please. Some vegetables can be eaten raw." I was thinking that she would give up after a bite so I said: " Ok, you can have one. I don't really like them that much cooked... it's worse when they are raw". After that, she was so happy and excited so I handed her a newly washed brussel sprout. She took a bite, then she looked at me and nodded. She said: "it's pretty good. It's kinda dry, but I like it. It's still good for you, right? Even if it's raw?" I answered laughing: "Yes, it is!" I wanted to take a picture of her eating it but she wouldn't let me. I think she is embarrassed especially because some kids at school makes fun of her and her food because she is one of a few kids who bring fruits and veggies to school for lunch. Good thing that one of the cafeteria ladies always cheers her up and always compliments her for eating healthy food... anyway, while Abby was eating brussel sprouts, Cairo (the dog) was circling around, so Abby asked if he could have one too, so I said "yes" and the dog quickly ran away and started eating his brussel sprout! #veggielover #healthyfood #healthykids #nutrition #brusselsprouts #likedaddy #veggieeater #veggies
Instagram photo by tellmewhy_nutritionToday we are going to talk about WHY the ingredients section on the nutrition facts are so important: I challenge you to pick up any random box of food in your pantry and look at the ingredients: It will likely have a list of ingredients similar to the image shown in slide 2. Why is this a bad thing? The truth is, adding unnaturally occuring ingredients to food is NOT a bad thing. Enriching cereal and adding Vitamin A is good. However, adding BAD ingredients to food never good. Why would companies add bad things to their foods? Isn't it in their interest to help consumers so that we continue to buy their product? Like many things, the reason the companies add "bad" ingredients is because of trade-offs. While preservatives are terrible for you (heart damage, cancer, diabetes etc) they do allow food companies to compete and gain a massive edge on competition by allowing their food to have longer shelf life. Good for them? Yes. Good for our health? No. Additives are not harmful in small amounts. However, the real problem is eating a combination of them EVERY DAY for your entire adult life. By the time you are in your 50s or 60s you have been eating them for 20 to 30 years. Doctors wonder why as the modern food industry has evolved we see such an increase in cancer and heart disease (nitrates, nitrites, emulsifiers are common additives/preservatives that all cause cancer and heart disease). We all seem to forget that 100 years ago these were not a common way to die. And it is no coincidence that our modern food was not a common thing to eat. So next time you buy groceries, try to look at the ingredients list and aim for something similar to Slide 3. If you can't pronounce it or imagine what it is in your head, it's probably bad for you. #health #nutrition #healthyfood #healthyeating #healthy #healthybreakfast #healthspo #healthier #healthnut #healthfood #healthydiet #healthybody #healthyme #healthykids #healthymind #healthylife #healthyfats #healthcoach #healthysnacks #healthyeats #healthylifestyle #healthyhabits #nutritionist #nutritionwarehouse #nutritioncoaching #nutritiontips #nutritionfacts
Instagram photo by 123nourishmeFollowing on from my video about pastry last week and the huge difference between ingredients within the pampas range - here is another example of the huge variance of ingredients within one brand. I spotted a mum at the supermarket with a baby on her hip. I got chatting to her and she was looking at these to make a cake for get daughters 1st b-day. I asked her if she understood that one was not a great choice for kids. She didn't. Once she understood - it was a clear choice which to buy. 😊 One of these products contain ingredients that are not suitable for children. πŸ˜”πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š Both products look similar but vastly different ingredients. 150d is what gives it it's caramel colour, is prohibited in food for infants, causes tummy upsets and is linked to asthma. 220 (sulpher dioxide) is my number 1 additive to avoid and is found in soooo many products as a preservative. It seeks out and destroys vitamin B1, is a known neurotoxin, can cause bronchitis, nausea & diarrhoea. Prohibited in food for infants. Source: The Chemical Maze - B Statham (This additive found in wine also - in fact it's often what can give you that hungover feeling!) 🍷🍷 These products sit directly next to each other on the supermarket shelf. They don't contain warnings. They don't tell you how additives impact kids. πŸ‘Š Don't look for price or brand turn over and look at ingredients. Learn about what these numbers mean and how they impact your kids. Then make a choice. The more you learn the better choices you can make! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ P.s. Home made vanilla essence is soooo easy. 6 organic vanilla beans sliced down the middle with a knife so you can see the seeds - pop into a glass bottle and pour some organic or preservative free vodka over them. Leave in dark cupboard for a month and you will have the most delicious presevative free vanilla essence in the world. You just keep topping up the vodka when it's half gone. Vanilla extract for a year. Done. Boom. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Š Alisa x 😘😘 #additivefree #ingredientdetective #readlabels #preservativefree #homemade #diy #healthykids #realfood #vanilla #vanillaessence #123nourishme www.123nourishme.com.au

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