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Instagram photo by creohealthWorkout Wednesday Tip: Nothing earth shattering here, but that's the thing...there is no hidden secret when it comes to getting healthy. You must exercise consistently to see long term results. You have to exercise as part of your lifestyle, not just to lose weight for a wedding or for summer. Sure, you can do that. But then what? Do you know how many people I talk to that claim they lost weight, got fit, felt good, etc, for a short period of time only to fall back into their old weight/fitness level/size up clothes soon after? Why? Because they don't stick with it. They aren't truly changing their thinking and habits when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. They are focused on short term goals and quick fixes. THAT is what has to change. When you invest in yourself and in your health, and your entire future and quality of life become a priority, then maintaining health becomes part of who you are. Relying on the scale to determine what you do and how you feel about yourself is fleeting. Instead, pay attention to: Reaching the goal of exercising daily (what an accomplishment!) Finding joy in movement (so many activities to enjoy) Getting stronger Sleeping better Setting a good example for your kids Better moods Improved thinking Less stress A better future.... You have to tap into the value of exercise beyond the scale. When you do this, exercising consistently becomes part of who you are, not some sort of torture to fit into certain clothes temporarily. And it feels better than any smaller sized jeans ever will. #creohealthandwellness #healthcoach #wellnesscoach #exercise #nodiet #healthylifestyle #noshortcuts #workout

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