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Instagram photo by vgh808Our "Gamer of The Week" is "Ungodlynoob." As a reward, we're gonna give him a social media shout out! . What types of games do you like to play? . "I mainly enjoy playing RTS games (my favorite), RPGs and some shooters, mainly Overwatch lately." . How long have you've been gaming? . "I have been gaming for 25 years or so." . What made you a gamer? . "My pops got me hooked on the first Legend of Zelda, and gaming in general, thanks to him letting me try and beat the bosses for him." . What's the first game you've ever beaten? . "First game I ever beat was Legend of Zelda. My first 100% completion though, Red Dead Redemption." . What hobbies/ skillsyou do outside of gaming? . "Outside of gaming, I mainly 3D print stuff for tabletop games. My favorite hobby outside of gaming is by far making terrain for miniature games such as Warhammer 40k and Malifuax. I also collect board games!" . What's the first platform you've bought with your own money? . "First console I ever purchased was a Playstation 2. I worked summer jobs with a family friend and got paid cash. Was a good feeling. I really suck at fighting games, but I still play them to enjoy the interactions with other people. Kaic Z Yung beat my ass just about every day in either street fighter, DFO, or MvC 2 and 3. Was good times!" . #gameroftheweek #gamer #streamer #twitchstreamer #gamestagram #shoutouts #gamerdude #gamerguy #videogame #videogames #gaminglife #gaming #vgh808 #honolulu #hawaii #hilife #oahu #808 #community #shoutout

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