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Instagram photo by healthandhappinesseoSafe enough for all ages!!! Son: hey Kelli, you know it's been a month since we started the trim shakes and I have lost 8 lbs!!! Me: What!! Are you serious! How does that make you feel? How do your feel about your self? Son: good. Makes me feel good. All with a big smile on his face. Me: I love that your happy about being healthy and hey you get to drink chocolate and vanilla milk shakes every morning. ๐Ÿ˜. Son: walks away with a smile and shaking his head because I'm too much for him ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. My 16 year old son has given me issues eating breakfast before school since he was about 12 years old so 7th grade. He hasn't really had the best eating habits growing up, more of a snicker throughout the day. In 9th grade he started football and I tried to tell him how important it was to eat breakfast to help with weight and gaining muscles. Nothing... now he's 16 and in 10th grade. He is no longer in football but is taking weight training 3rd period. I finally talked him into eating an apple at snack before weightlifting because he wasn't eating at all before working out and that's not ok. He needs duel for energy. We have been using the slim and sassy gel capsules since last summer and he see a difference in snacking. He eats more of his meals and snacks less during the day. Improvement. Yes. Apples at snack yes. He was no longer gaining weight and keeping it steady. We were pretty excited. I talked to @healthandwellness_143 about the trim shakes she was taking and if they would be suitable for teenagers. He likes shakes...it's healthy, so why not. She said yes. It's great protein for working out and the Tearagreens are wonderful way to get your fruits and vegetables. He does not eat much fruit or vegetables at all. Sophia and I talked and I decided ADDING this shake to his diet would be nothing but benefits and give his body what he needs. My son and I are so happy for the shakes has changed his life. #happymom #healthybreakfast #protienshake #greensmoothie #shake #trimshake #doterra

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