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Instagram photo by phire_phoenixx_"...You're a song Written by the hands of God Don't get me wrong cause This might sound to you a bit odd But you own the place Where all my thoughts go hiding And right under your clothes Is where I find them... There's an endless story..." . #Shakira #UnderneathYourClothes . #Script #clothes #love #relationship #flowers #endless #story #journey #tangled #destiny #graphic #pattern #sketch #sketching #draw #drawing #art #artwork #instaart #artist #song #music #lyrics 💫✨💫 Insight: For this piece I started with the script 'Endless Story' and honestly really had no idea where I wanted to go with my ideas but soon everything flowed around the twisted scroll of paper (a random stream of my personal thoughts & feelings describing troubled relationship) with pieces of clothing tied throughout as a literal interpretation of Shakira's title for this song, and a couple of abstract flowers in the mix) . The song inspired me to focus on expressing to the person you love just how significant they are in your life, how intimate your relationship is - a mental & physical connection - that's deeper & more spiritual than any other relationship in your life. Sex - the physical connection, one that most people share easily with one another but the idea of a more mental/ intimate connection - to share all your most honest thoughts & feelings, to trust someone fully without a second thought- is rare & frankly terrifying to most people. Perhaps keeping the superficial layer between you and the other person somehow seems easier than risking exposure of someone betraying your trust later. At least for a few minutes of listening to this song you can imagine (if you haven't experienced it yet) love without walls, true & deep. At least I do. XoX 🌙Phire_Phoenixx_

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