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Instagram photo by eatrightalrightNo one asked, but here it is anyway... πŸ—£MY FAVORITE BRANDS!!! 🀠#oprahsfavoritethings When I go to the grocery store or farmers market, I LOAD UP on fresh veggies, fruits, meats, nuts, etc. But when I find myself wandering into the middle aisles @wholefoodssanfrancisco and wanting to spend all my money, these are the brands and food I go for. I just decided to pull all of my favorites from the pantry and fridge to share with y'all! I'm sure there are a million things I'm missing, but here's a start! ❀️ @kitehillfoods cream cheese. OMG YOU GUYS. This stuff is made with almonds but tastes just like cream cheese and I seriously have to stop myself every time I start to eat straight out of the tub. πŸ’› @vitalfarms pasture raised, ethical eggs. Now, ideally is get my eggs from the farmers market (and if you think these are expensive, wait till you go to the #sffarmersmarket and see what a dozen cost). But these are awesome for #sustainablefarming practices πŸ’š @purely_elizabeth HOLY S**T YALL this is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE FOOD ITEM. My sister and I met up in Cleveland and both had snacks in hand and were like "you've got to try this granola I brought! It's the best!" And we both whipped out the same bag of purely elizabeth granola πŸ’™ @sietefoods #grainfree tortilla chips. THEY ARE SO GOOD! Not so great for dipping bc they break easily but I like better than regular bc they are softer and don't tear apart my mouth πŸ’œ @sejoyia #cocoroons these are so good!! I've tried a similar brand and this one is by far my favorite. So moist and wonderful πŸ–€ @perkyjerky turkey jerky is KILLING the jerky game. It tastes soooo flavorful and it's not dry like other jerky. Plus I've tried all the flavors (or correct me if there are more than 5) and they're ALL bomb. ❀️ @harmlessharvest this coconut water is #organic and beautifully pink and so damn good. Problem: very expensive. Which is basically the problem with everything on this list. πŸ’› @iloveorganicgirl mache rosettes. I have FALLEN IN LOVE with this green. Where did it come from and how did I not know about it until this year??! πŸ’š @gtskombucha this is πŸ‘± favorite. He LOVES this stuff. And it's lower sugar than other booch πŸ’™

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