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Instagram photo by charloff_fitToo often I see people getting caught up in the fitness "hype." Many are quick to believe that a certain diet, food, supplement or workout is THE key to getting results. People will adopt these habits from the "gurus" around the social media platforms. There are many ways to get in shape but many do not realize that just because one well known fitness individual says do it this way, with no research or education to back it up, people could potentially be put in danger. I am not an expert but I do have the medical and science backgrounds which I continue to grow and expand daily. I want people to stop listening to the hype and become educated BEFORE making a decision. Do not listen to someone just because they are well known, or have a six pack, or are super lean. Do your homework, seek outside advice, read up on basic biology and principles of how our bodies process certain foods. Only then will we break the cycle of people becoming disappointed from lack of results, poor nutrition or possibly getting scammed. Many fitness plans are not disease specific or friendly because the person creating them would have to know the pathophysiology behind the disease in order to know what would be good or bad. I can't emphasize this point enough because I have witnessed poor judgment for a long time and I hope to change that at some point. Some of those judgments I myself have made but that is what made me learn. As a nurse we are trained to always be advocates for our patients, well, I am an advocate for more than just my patients. End of rant, lol! Hope everyone has a great Sunday! #sundayeducation #educateyourself

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