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Instagram photo by vinyl_girlzπŸ˜‡πŸ’– ViNYL GODDESS Sacred TempLe Art ... Vinyl pLay time before another #photoshoot πŸ€— aka ViNYL GiRLZ ~ Artistically Vinyl accenting and eXentuating a beautiful Temple body, to show the God(dess) & Warrior they are 😍 I present to you a new Funn creative eXtention of my Company & Passions combined. 15 yrs of Vinyl SkiLLz, where I started pin stripping and Vinyl #wrapping Cars & Bikes and more over the years ... then adding my LoVe with #Health , #FiTness Coaching & more recently ... learning how to truely & deeply #Love and #Honor the #Beautiful #TempLes we are bLessed to have (no matter what they or we look like ~ it's is all a gift that deserves Honor.) ** There is and will be NO NUDITY / Pornography associated to my work and designs. πŸ’–Feeling guided to COMBINE ALL my life Passions in such a #Artistic , #Custom & #EMPOWERING way πŸ€— My intention . . . Is to create this eXperience for Women / Men & bring honour to the DiViNe FeMiNiNe & MasciLine by showing pLayfullness, CreaTiViTy, Beauty, Elegance, Strength and by assisting each Woman (& Man) step into and feel their inner Power as a Goddess (& God/Warrior) eXpressed with eXentuated eLements of Vinyl (and more eLements to come) For Photoshoots, Promo Events/Shows, Dancers & ALL SHAPES AND SIZES.. even KiDSπŸ€— just for funn! There is no limit to CreaTiViTy! Bringing a more UniQueness, CreaTiViTy & in an eXtremly Powerfully expressive way. ... with a little bit of Sensual Tantric teasing 😘 so yummy and healthy. Each body canvas will be uniQue, not one will be the same .. as all of us are. I plan to Diversify the #designs in various #pLayful ways. Much More Creativeness to come . . . Keep follow us πŸ€— πŸ’–πŸ˜‡ EXentuating a beautiful #TempLe curves, custom to fit each time for comfort and functional movements to flow and dance. So much Fun!!πŸ€— *To honor #Model privacy, no names are disclose of the models unless Consensual for portfolio and marketing. #vinylgirlz #VinylGoddess #Vinyl #blacktaperoject #blacktape #sexy #tease #tantra #Honor #respect #Love #freespirit #passion #talent
Instagram photo by ashstokes4πŸŒ₯ "We are the totality of what we consume, in every way possible." -- Sue Ziang // 🌱 I started the #superelixirchallenge thinking that I had vey clear memory of how that beautiful green liquid made me feel the last time I committed to its daily consumption. I remembered feeling 'well' even in times or stress and exhaustion and I remembered having more energy than I was used to. This time around I even convinced my mum to start the challenge and she's already taken it upon herself to order four more satchels in one go and keeps telling me on the phone that she's never felt so good and her skin has never looked so young. She works hard and doesn't really have the money or time to do nice things for herself so it makes me so happy that she can finally do something to make herself a little happier and to give her some of her self confidence back. After undertaking the challenge once more I can honestly say, however, that my mind severely lowered my expectations of wellness. Being in hospital is hard, I'm basically on lockdown with no leave and no chance to feel the grass under my feet or to run my hands playfully over the tops of plants as I walk by. I am completely cut off from the outside world but each time I take my super elixir during the day I feel myself reconnecting with nature. I can feel the plants and vitamins and minerals in my system, I can see the vivid green of the powder and I can breathe deeply and know that even in the face of boredom and sadness I am doing something good. So today I'm embracing the green and revelling in every moment x πŸ’•πŸŒ #picoftheday #quoteoftheday #escape #friends #quote #tea #writing #beach #weekend #freespirit #reading #coffee #outdoors #bbloggers #fbloggers #home #bookstagram #travel #fitspo #love #life #health #writing #selfie #depression #quote #girls #pretty #cute

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