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Instagram photo by renayhowey_healthierlivingDamn! That night was the worst. I went through 1/2 my clothes looking for something to wear to the party with all the people I was certain were "above" me. When I arrived I didn't want to go in because I knew I was under dressed, my hair & makeup weren't on point, and obviously there wasn't a thing I could say that would be interesting. I wanted to go home, put on pajamas, and crawl in bed. Instead, I drank too much, I didn't eat because I was afraid that after I left they'd probably just make fun of me for being fat and eating, and I sat there with a stupid fake smile on my face pretending to enjoy it all! Do you see what the problem was? Past me had ZERO self confidence! Past me thought that I had nothing to offer the world. Past me hated how I looked. Past me was afraid to join conversations in fear of saying something dumb. Past me was afraid of people I didn't know because I thought they were judging me. Past me never felt good enough to make friends, keep friends, or be a friend. Most of my transformation stories are about getting stronger, thinner, or healthier, but I don't usually talk about the other transformation I had. It's not one you see by looking at me. When I became a coach I was encouraged to read personal development every day. I scoffed at the idea of reading one of those stupid self-help books. There was no way that any of it was worth my time, BUT I DID IT ANYWAY because I was told that if I wanted to be successful, I had to read. I read 20 minutes a day or listened to 10 minutes of a podcast. I hated every minute of it and couldn't get over how ridiculous it was.... Until all of a sudden, one day in December, it just clicked. And if I look back, I can pinpoint a complete paradigm shift at that exact moment. EVERYTHING CHANGED. Most people want to see instant results when they start a new fitness routine. I tell people at least 20 times a week that they must be patient. It's the same thing with confidence. One day you have none, then suddenly you wake up and it's radiating from every ounce of your being. The moral here is to the things you know will work and NEVER give up. Be patient and trust the process. Be here in a year!

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