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Instagram photo by suppbroukCellucor C4 explosive energy Happy Monday everyone! I’m going to kick off my first ever supplement review with something we all need to get through a dreary Monday in February: a kick-ass preworkout 👊🏼 Let’s get to it. ---Profile - 7/10 C4 Extreme has a pretty standard ingredient profile with 1600mg Beta Alanine and 321mg of its ‘explosive energy blend’ (including L-tyrosine and 160mg of Caffeine). It also contains 1000mg of Creatine Nitrate, so a good pump is on the cards, but annoyingly no creatine monohydrate. --- Taste and mixability - 7/10 A single scoop mixed easily in 200ml water and made a bright pink drink (I’m comfortable in my masculinity). The taste was… not bad 🤔 Definitely not the best I’ve had but easily drinkable. (I’m also pleased to report no staining of the shaker which is always reassuring. In contrast, The Curse leaves a residual blue tinge that will outlast the apocalypse and always makes me wonder what it’s doing to my insides 😳). --- Effectiveness - 7/10 Now onto business: does this product deliver? I noticed a gradual increase in energy over the first 20 minutes, then the fun really started. My face tingling ever-so-slightly I strode into the gym with the single minded focus of a warrior 🏋🏼 I felt focused but not quite ‘rip your face off and lift the entire gym’ psyched. I also noticed a good pump from the nitrate - a lovely bonus. The main effects died down pretty quickly but overall I had energy throughout the whole session. Good stuff 👍 --- Value - 9/10 Here C4 comes into its own. A 60 serving tub is £26.99 on eBay, working out at 45p per serving: a great deal for a high quality product. --- Overall - 8/10: pretty explosive. First time around C4 ticked all the right boxes. While the taste was a little odd the value and effectiveness more than made up for this. Due to the fairly standard ingredient profile any seasoned pre-workout users may not have such a good response, and there are certainly much stronger products on the market, but for those of us looking for a good quality product at a great price I would strongly recommend a blast of C4 💥 Happy lifting 💪🏼

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