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Instagram photo by jgriff_fit🙌🏼🔥 #TransformationTuesday Time 🔥🙌🏼 - These photos are almost EXACTLY 1️⃣ Year apart- so I felt like they would make a good comparison and serve as a great reminder that A LOT can be accomplished in a year! 👌🏼 - LEFT PHOTO was 8️⃣ weeks into my long dieting phase, my back had leaned out a tiny bit but as you can see there was a ton of extra bodyfat that I was carrying around 😂 I weighed about 242lbs in that picture. - RIGHT PHOTO was taken today, I'm about 4️⃣ months into my first ever LEAN BULK.. Weighing between 206-207lbs. Obviously this isn't my best conditioning, but still lean enough to see the progress made. - My back is a huge focus for me this lean gaining phase, as it is very hard for me to appear wide in terms of "V-Taper" since I'm 6'2" with a longer than average torso and limbs. 😅 Right now I have 2 full Back/Pull days and then on both of my Leg days I hit Romanian Deadlifts which also blast your back.... So frequency is at 4x per week, and this is going to pay dividends next time I decide to diet. - To me, bodybuilding is the ultimate metaphor for LIFE... Many times we are not blessed with the best circumstances, status, genetics, income, job, family, etc.- BUT, we can CHANGE THIS and IMPROVE our situation through desire, repetition, HARD ASS WORK, and consistency! Don't like the way you look? GREAT, change it! Don't like your job? AWESOME, leave it! Get a new one or create your own. We only get ONE LIFE guys... My hope is that we all take full advantage of our time here 😌🙏🏻✌🏼

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