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Instagram photo by mandiesegura - Golden morning.
- Golden morning.
mandiesegura mandiesegura
mandiesegura - Mandie Segura #fall #festigramnov #leaves #tree #autumn #afterglowapp
mrslaurawitt - Laura None of our trees have leaves left :) this is a pretty pic!
Instagram photo by metacoleman_ - Making my advent wreath for Sunday. The first advent.
- Making my advent wreath for Sunday. The first advent.
metacoleman_ metacoleman_
metacoleman_ - Meta Coleman @maryangell it's very easy, you light a candle the 4 Sundays before Christmas. 1 the first Sunday, 2 the second and so forth. On the first Sunday we go to advent singin, where we sing German advent songs and read advent poems, it's very magical.
metacoleman_ - Meta Coleman @jenniferhoiyin I don't know anything about the 5th candle only four. And I didn't mean this is my first advent, I've been celebrating it every year my whole life. It's one of my favorite German traditions that I cling to. but how awesome that you're starting it. it always puts me in the right frame of mind for Christmas.
jenniferschiel - J. Schiel Is the 5th candle the Mary candle? I think so. It goes in the middle and you light it ion Christmas Eve.
jenniferhoiyin - jennifer @onemoremushroom @jschiel22 yes, a central candle lit on Christmas eve, though I've heard it referred to as the Christ candle. It's such a lovely tradition.
milliesmith12 - I want to do this!
maryangell - maryangell This is great! Now to figure out a place to go this Sunday. Thanks for all the ideas.
vanessagerbrandy - Vanessa Gerbrandy So simple yet beautiful I adore it and the tradition
metacoleman_ - Meta Coleman @maryangell you could always do it at your house and invite over friends? That's what we do:)