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Instagram photo by lxander206I've lived a silenced life since I was a child. There was a time when I was either not interested or scared to meet new people in life and opening up to them. Since my family went through a lot of trauma, loss, and sorrow during the Khmer Rouge War, they were not ready to open themselves to our new life in the US due to fearing how others would treat us since they came as refugees back in the day. I remember those days when I never talked with anyone at recess in first grade and I would just sit on the ground next to the wall where we line up after recess by myself in silence staring at all the other kids having fun on the playground wishing I could do the same only except nobody even asked me to join them, so I stood there in silence feeling as though the world thinks I don't exist because of who I am or I was just a stereotype for being called a "Model Minority" in people's eyes. Years and years gone by and I am fully grown as a male adult and I have learned these past 4 years that in a society where we live in, sometimes people value silence in a person while others just want to beat the heck out of someone with violence or threaten them until they speak which should never be questioned on others. In other cultures, silence is valued as a form of respect and dignity. I value my own silence and others who wish to be or need to be silenced until they are comfortable to socialize with their peers. Never try to force someone's way of speaking for themselves. Let them find their inner voice and thought and watch as they begin to speak like someone people never knew about them before until now. Give them a chance to spill their thoughts without rushing them. Be kind to another and value each others silence and respect of dignity. 🙏🙏🙏✌✌✌ #vent #rant #expressyourself #maturity #growupandbegoodtoyourself #healer #mentality #focusedmind #whisperingvoices #silenceisvalued #equity #equality #beinclusive #beyourself #dontchangeforanyone #socialjustice #voicesoftheunheard #diversitywithadvocacy #thoughtsofownself #valuesilence #valueofrespect

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