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Instagram photo by theartandsoulshopLet's round out the last day of love week with a little #sundaytruth verse about you guessed it... love.  It's very interesting that love is regarded as greater than faith and hope in this verse.  Although all 3 are held up as important, love is given the grand prize here. Earlier in the chapter, Paul talks about how you sound like a clanging gong when you speak without love. I'll be honest, I feel like there's a lot of clanging gongs in our world these days.  People just shouting out their opinions and telling people how to live but not seemingly interested in hearing the "other side". I have been guilty of this myself.  I can be very opinionated about things and if I'm not careful, I am guilty of just spouting out those views to prove points instead of sharing those views delicately and listening to those with opposing views.  When we speak respectfully out of love for one another, we can begin to bridge a gap.  At the end of the day, we don't have to change each other's minds about things, but we can still make one another feel loved and valued.  That's just one modern application of this verse.  But I also think of it in terms of sharing our faith with others.  I may speak eloquently and perfectly about Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross for sin, the need for salvation and God's great love BUT if the listener does not feel LOVE from me, my words will ring hollow like that clanging gong.  Even if the words are true, they will likely not be perceived as true.  Now don't get me wrong... God is the one who draws people to Himself and His purposes are accomplished even when I fail to deliver perfectly. But He is asking us to LOVE others first and foremost and that act of loving will draw more people to Him than perfectly crafted sermons and words.  I'm pretty convicted as I write this. I definitely need God's help at loving others better. What is a tangible way someone has made you feel loved recently? I'd love to hear below if you are up for sharing.

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