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Instagram photo by lovelimorning“Whatever is not yours: let go of it. Your letting go of it will be for your long-term happiness & benefit.” ~The Buddha It's so easy to take on other people's energy and problems, consciously and subconsciously. Do you sometimes feel drained from just talking to someone who is not in a good place? Do you get headaches, body aches, feel sad, fatigued out of seemingly nowhere after spending time with them? It could be because you're giving away your energy and taking on theirs. A great way to avoid doing this is to set the intention each day when you wake up, to keep your own energy field close to your body and to only let in what serves your health and well-being from others. Love, joy, peace, enlightenment etc Almost like you're in a bubble, where inside is all good and nothing can enter that is not good for you. You can also make it a routine to envision yourself in white or purple light and if you believe in Angels ask Arch Angel Michael to keep your energy pure and still be a helpful vessel to others who are dealing with sadness, confusion, depression, anger, upset etc. Those of us who have this as a passion, to help and heal, specifically benefit from using these little practices, as we are exposed to it so often. 🙏💕 #letgo #ifitsnotyours #donttakeiton #preserveyourenergy #benefit #happiness #awareness #energy #emotions #feelings #health #consciousness #buddhaquote #instaquote #sacred #peaceful #healing #love #buddhastatue #bali

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