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Instagram photo by primaldocThis is the most disturbing thing to me about what I see happening right now. Once our water and air and land is poisoned, we simply can't go back. We simply cannot eat money. We are so disconnected from nature we forget how vital it is to our survival. I'm concerned that too many thing technology will simply save us from all this. There's several problems with that way of thinking though. One is that our biology is designed for an intimate relationship with the nature world around us. Many modern ailments can be traced back to the fact that we eat, move, sleep and live in ways that are out of sync with the biology nature designed for us. You might be able to buy a full spectrum lightbulb for your office, but it's not the same as exposing your eyes to bright sunlight during the day. The other problem is that technology will always be limited by the perspective of those creating it. We can take a multi vitamin, but we can only put those vitamins we know about in it- and we tend to do so in the ratios we most value. It's not the same as eating a whole wild food that more nutrients than we could put in a pill, many of which are necessary only in such small amounts to create a hormetic effect. As @drjackkruse would say, what technology can do, nature has already perfected.' I know there are many issues people are fighting for right now, but whatever they maybe, we all need to come together to fight for our Mother Earth. We all need her, she is our single greatest commonality. I generally try to keep my Instagram an apolitical space, but this is too important. Please check out @returntonature 's original post for more about the current house bill to dismantle completely the EPA. We need to fight it! Clean water, clean air and clean soil for everyone! #motherearth #nature #natureconnection #earth #earthdayeveryday #stopthedismantleoftheEPA #youcanteatmoney

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