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Instagram photo by leeza_s - #foodtrucksrock #drinklikealady 😌 #stellaciderandtitos #seatown #pnw @mikhael1  I know how to do it right boo😘
- #foodtrucksrock #drinklikealady #stellaciderandtitos #seatown #pnw @mikhael1 I know how to do it right boo
leeza_s leeza_s
leeza_s - Leeza Come over for a taste @mikhael1
mikhael1 - mikhael1 I love ur tacos @leeza_s 😝😝😜
leeza_s - Leeza Gross Sammy @mikhael1
mikhael1 - mikhael1 What I said u have picture of tacos @leeza_s don't think bad u know honey ain't going there in million year and any new life not even my spirit animal lol hahahha
leeza_s - Leeza Hahahaha yeah women are gross @mikhael1
mikhael1 - mikhael1 They make good bffs and entertaining hormonal change like watching winter and summer in same day @leeza_s lol
leeza_s - Leeza @mikhael1 πŸ˜‘you try being a lady. We have it rough.
mikhael1 - mikhael1 I thx God daily for my gay side I m blessed @leeza_s