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Instagram photo by miamibeachbodyA big #truth . Bigger than life itself. Even 7 is a small number. No matter how many times you fall,you should always stand up again and keep the fight for your dreams. . Life will put many obstacles in your way. They are not there to make you desist momentarily, but to test you in your quest, to make you worth of yout achievements, or to break you if you are not decided enough and brave enough to strugle and suffer the consequences of your mindset. . Lots of times the difficulties will make you question yourself, doubt your resolution, your strength, will take you to the way of despair. When you feel like drowning in doubts and uncertaninty, and have a single thought about quiting, DON'T. Take a break, refresh your perspective, adjust your path and methods, but never quit. . If you are decided in your objectives, if you have come to know who you are and what you really really want out of life, if you have visualized a destiny that is bigger and more important than you, if you want to leave a legacy for generations to come, and strongly believe that you can influence and inspire the world to be a better place, Never Quit.. . There will be many sacrifices, people will consider you obstinate, and sometimes even mentally ill. But that shouldn't discourage you, all the opposite, it should show you that you are acting different, that criticisms are aknowledgements to your perseverance and to the strength of your resolutions and your character. You will have to embrace the criticism and indifference of your more close friends, family, spouse, partners and even sometimes yourself, but keep going, demonstrate that you are commited, that you are strong, that the effort is worth to create something of value, to fulfill your life destiny. . Do all of this and more, much more, never quit, and then, maybe, and just maybe without any guarantees you may be able to arrive at your destination. Give all, learn, work hard, clean your bruises once and again, battle the negatives, adjust course, rest when needed, sacrifice without assurances of accomplishment; That's life. Make it happen, or be just an expectator. . It is your decision all along. . . #motivationalquotes #motivation

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