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Instagram photo by remember727I felt like a ghost today...probably looked like one as I roamed around town w/ little make up & my crazy #rainyday hair flying everywhere in the wind. 💨I had sniffled all night long & couldn't get out of bed in the morning. 🤧I guess it was a good thing that the meeting with my Danish Grandpa & visit to the Memorial got postponed to Wednesday.) I scrapped my plans, decided to be smart and stay put in the rain. So I got a lot done finalizing my schedule for #Amsterdam & #Brussels where I'll be heading next. Bjarne, Ingrid's husband, who is a retired reporter covering Parliament, showed me a TV clip of former South Korean President Lee Myoungbak meeting Danish #KoreanWar veterans about 5 years ago. And prominently featured in the story was Mr Jagd, president of the Danish KW #veterans assn, and whom I'll be meeting soon. (What an honor!) I was motivated to do further research on the #Danish #Jutlandia hospital ship, which departed on January 23, 1951 and returned on October 16, 1953. It was the only hospital ship during the war that also treated civilians, at the request of the Danish doctors on board...(more about Jutlandia later) 😉Around 2pm, I decided to go out to buy some salmon for dinner. Ingrid had said she was going to cook dinner today after work and I wanted to contribute. I ended up walking for hours in the rain, with my lightweight "crackajack" umbrella that didn't live up to the claim made by Amazon reviewers. (It didn't crack, but it was pretty jacked up! 😖) Right when I was about to walk into a market, my dear sister called. Inside, a few people looked at me oddly (because I was the only Asian???), and it wasn't until I hung up I realized the umbrella was still open. 🤣 They probably thought I was crazy! 😝Well, I've been called crazy for biking around everywhere in DC with a dress and high heels, (sometimes even to work!) but the Danes take it to another level: They ride bikes to/from work in the rain/snow, without an umbrella or a helmet/hat, and women in their suits. I've also seen kids and the elderly on bikes. 😮 Maybe I should bike around tomorrow...? #getwellsoon #first #727

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