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Instagram photo by thegirlbikeFor these dates last year, I was going through a bad time in my life. I remember crying 4 or 5 times a day. It was a very hard time, moments that made me feel that my life had lost its value. And the worst thing was to see how many people were willing to do it. Today I can tell you that I feel like when you are injected it hurts instantly and then you forget the pain, well I forgot the pain. I do not even remember why I cried so much and self-discipline without need. What I mean by this is that it does not matter how deep the gap we are in. If we struggle to get out of there, we will succeed. Giving our life the value it really has. Do not let others value your life. You know how much you're worth. Others know only how little they are worth. Everything in life has a solution, except death. So while we are alive, we have the pencil in our hands to continue writing our story. There will always come good, bad or better times, but it is within us to make good happen. I'm not perfect, I do not pretend to be, but what I want is to continue to grow as a woman, as a human being. Let my heart daily feed on those good and beautiful things that God has for me. So you know, no matter how difficult that bad moment they are going through, everything will happen and in time they will forget how bad it felt. And as they say there is: That each experience serves as an experience @pedalnorth_images @mtbqueens @cycling_queens @bicyclingmag @miranda_arredondo #pinarellof8 #soybikegirl #mundodasbikes #mujeresciclistas #bikerlove #bikelife #bikeride #bikergirls #venusbikes #clicknabike #clicknopedal #fromwhereiride #pedalmais #womancycling #cycling #cyclinglife #cyclingphotos #clicknopedal

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