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Instagram photo by megan_nerdnest - Playing around stamping on Currently cards. #currentlylist
- Playing around stamping on Currently cards. #currentlylist
megan_nerdnest megan_nerdnest
vtbabin - Vanessa Babin I love this idea. very cute! Thanks for sharing
megan_nerdnest - Megan Anderson @annetteharing Me too! I bought all the radiant neon inks. They are all so vibrant.
Instagram photo by rukristin - Packing for Denver. #currentlylist #kellypurkey
- Packing for Denver. #currentlylist #kellypurkey
rukristin rukristin
amsev_tiu - Ashley The wind has been killer the last few days. Snow on Friday!
colorcastdesigns - Color Cast Designs I'm in the Springs and it has been so windy down here too @amseveran - @rukristin when are you coming to Denver?
rukristin - Kristin Tweedale @colorcastdesigns Thursday night through the weekend.
rukristin - Kristin Tweedale @amseveran I saw that! I need to work Friday, so I'm gonna try to find a place to park myself and get stuff done.