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Instagram photo by megan_nerdnest - #currentlylist and I need a new pen.
- #currentlylist and I need a new pen.
megan_nerdnest megan_nerdnest
realelife - Wendy Reale Love "delighted." Excellent, out of the box word choice and I'm thrilled to hear that you feel that way!
megan_nerdnest - Megan Anderson @realelife I look up a list of feeling words when nothing comes to the top of my head.
kgfoust - Kim Foust Madison Ward and the Mama Bear!!!
megan_nerdnest - Megan Anderson @kgfoust Can't wait for the album next month :)
Instagram photo by danieladobson - My #currentlylist for the week.
- My #currentlylist for the week.
danieladobson danieladobson
anneliesecreates - Anne Williamson Can't wait for the new season of Orphan Black to start!
petitenoonie - meaghen calder Did you make this currently template yourself? I love it.
danieladobson - Daniela Dobson @anneliesecreates it started last night.
danieladobson - Daniela Dobson @petitenoonie no. I got it from @rukristin
petitenoonie - meaghen calder Thanks. It's so fun.
Instagram photo by danieladobson - My weekly #currentlylist
- My weekly #currentlylist
danieladobson danieladobson
danieladobson - Daniela Dobson @babz510 dust know there was a movie coming. Didn't like the book at all!!! I gave it 1 star. It was an easy read because I wanted to see what happens and there were some funny moments.
babz510 - Barbara Picinich Oh boy, okay thanks. Thats too bad. The previews made me want to read it.
jlg - Jessica Griffin I didn't care for the book very much either. Was kinda creepy. Def not my normal reading material.
reneecrafts - Feel better!!
danieladobson - Daniela Dobson @reneecrafts Thank you!
danieladobson - Daniela Dobson @jlg glad I am not the only one. Went and looked at the preview and they pulled the best parts for the preview. I wonder how they fill the rest. The van ride was my favorite part and all the way at the end. There were 300 pages in the book.
danieladobson - Daniela Dobson @babz510 you should still read it. You might like it. Different people like different things.
Instagram photo by danieladobson - My weekly #currentlylist
- My weekly #currentlylist
danieladobson danieladobson
janine2488 - Janine did you like Girl On The Train? was thinking about getting it.
krisstarfish - Kristin Do you have a midori?
danieladobson - Daniela Dobson @sarah_martina yes. I have been making it since last summer. I can give you the recipe. I'll message you on FB.
danieladobson - Daniela Dobson @janine2488 yes! It was very interesting.
danieladobson - Daniela Dobson @bestrongcalmgrateful7 yes. I got it from @@rukristin. It's a photo that you use over and over. I signed up for her email and it was free. I use Phonto app to add the notes.
danieladobson - Daniela Dobson @krisstarfish I do not, but I was thinking of making one. I am using the notebooks for the #listersgottalist challenge and they are easy to make.
krisstarfish - Kristin I made a fauxdori. It was super easy!! I love mine