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Instagram photo by rukristin - Journaling in my #weekinthelife album. I'm adding a dandelion Currently List Journaling card to each of my day's spread. #currentlylist
- Journaling in my #weekinthelife album. I'm adding a dandelion Currently List Journaling card to each of my day's spread. #currentlylist
rukristin rukristin
elizabethrosemond - Elizabeth Rosemond Yes!! "Woke up (like this)" 😍😜
rukristin - Kristin Tweedale @elizabethrosemond :D
llynx - Mary Hunt Great idea! 👍☺️
sylvia.and.norathedog - Sylvia Boersma Where do you get the cards? And the mal to put them in?
rukristin - Kristin Tweedale @sylvia.and.norathedog the album and Monday card is from @aliedwards and the Currently card is available in my shop:
Instagram photo by mnkware - Right now. 📝 #rhonnadesigns #currentlylists @rukristin
- Right now. #rhonnadesigns #currentlylists @rukristin
mnkware mnkware
mnkware - Kate Ware #currentlylist
llynx - Mary Hunt This is awesome. I would love to learn to do some digital but I need to take a class. Can you recommend one Kate?
mnkware - Kate Ware @llynx - Thanks! Are you talking digital scrapbooking? This is seriously the only thing I do digitally, and I use the Rhonna Designs app. All my scrapbooking and minis are traditional. You might check out Ali Edwards and Cathy Zielske – I know they offer digital elements as well as tutorials on their site blogs as to how to use them. HTH!
alohakuhr89 - Aloha Kuhr @mnkware, purposeless??
Instagram photo by tm2ts - #chopped #choppedcollection #netflix #currentlylist #phonto
- #chopped #choppedcollection #netflix #currentlylist #phonto
tm2ts tm2ts
cwpicket - Laura White Eloisa is my FAV!! I buy everything she and Julia Quinn write!
tm2ts - Sarah Burkett @cwpicket I'm thankful my library has them available in ebook form or I'd be broke 😂
cwpicket - Laura White Haha! I've been reading them so long I had them all in paperback at one point.
tm2ts - Sarah Burkett @cwpicket I ran out of room in my apartment for books!
cwpicket - Laura White I ended up selling mine two moves ago. I'm a huge ebook fan now! Those are easy to move!
tm2ts - Sarah Burkett @cwpicket I have a box I'm going to donate or something but the others I can't get rid of. Emotionally attached. LOL
Instagram photo by itsnacchuu - On! ♡
- On! ♡
itsnacchuu itsnacchuu
itsnacchuu - Nana Chu #happysunday #thesundaycurrently #thesundaycurrentlylist #sundaycurrently #sundaycurrentlylist #currentlylist #currentmood
Instagram photo by dmg314 - 10.13.14 #currentlylist
- 10.13.14 #currentlylist
dmg314 dmg314
campfirechic - Campfire Kam I loved Glee season 1!
dmg314 - Dawn Gross @campfirechic I watched it faithfully until the original cast graduated, then refused to watch anymore - except tribute to Finn. Such a great show!!
beckyg1121 - Becky Yeah, I need to work on those Halloween cards...