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Instagram photo by joy_relaxing_conditioning. . ジュニアオールスター2017。 . 今年も大きなケガ人が出ることなく無事に終えることが出来ました。 . 結果は全国ベスト16。 . 昨年のベスト8を越える結果は残せませんでしたが、 . 選手もスタッフも大きく成長出来た大会となりました。 . 明日から各々の環境に戻り、新たなステージへと旅立ちます。 . 僕も4日間もお店を閉めさせていただいての参加でした。 . この貴重な経験をお客様へ還元出来るよう、明日からまた頑張っていきますので、どうぞ宜しくお願いいたします* . . #joy #relaxing #conditioning #アスレティックトレーナー #バスケットボール #ジュニアオールスター #滋賀 #彦根
Instagram photo by thepowerbuildingpt👉Plan adaptations 👈 Increased reps on single leg stiff leg deadlifts to 8 from 6 this week, they are still not great but did improve, however showed even more of an imbalance on the right side this week, these will stay in my plan for a while untill they are fixed, no point adding weight since I am too unstable with the movement - I will once Again insist that you do not do these to build your glutes and hammies when your form is a bit all over the shop like mine , the reason they are in my plan is to help fix an imbalance and improve hip stability - once you have mastered them though they are great for hypertrophy 👌 Deadlifts - week 4 now and weight and reps have come up considerably - my general movement is good but my lumbar always seems to let go - I have been using stiff leg deadlifts off the floor but will switch to a low bar good morning which will target the same areas but will force me to keep my lower back in position otherwise the bar will bang my head! Back extensions already in the plan -Will post a video of these next week Squats - These are my low intensity squats (6-8 reps) these are always tough after doing high volume deadlifts, but have progressed as well as I'd hoped since week one, whilst the weight is still this light and there are no major problems I will keep them as they are, but in due time pause squats , potentially double pauses will be added/replaced in my programme to target these obvious sticking points I get #powerbuilding #thepowerbuildingpt #personaltraining #personaltrainer #cardiff #fitness #fitfam #weightlifting #lifestyle #squat #deadlifts #consistency #progress #instafit #fitspo #fitfam #strength #strengthfeed #strengthandconditioning #conditioning #fitlife #thegrind #booty #glowface #thickhead

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