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Instagram photo by vanessavellacoaching{Thursday Tool} Here’s a fun tool that will help you reflect on how you make decisions. I first heard the terms Satisficer and Maximizer in Gretchen Rubin’s book The Happiness Project. Satisficers make a choice once their criteria is met, and then off they go into action-land. I’m a maximizer, 100%. I like to research all the things and have as much knowledge as possible before choosing something, in an attempt to make the best possible choice. If my partner and I start researching a possible trip, down the rabbit hole I go, checking out places to stay, things to do, local restaurants, oh and what’s on groupon in that area? What about transportation, and so on. Hours later, I'm still looking even though I've usually found several good options. Then I get stressed because I’m now procrastinating what I’m supposed to do. And then a few days later when our plans change I’m frustrated that my time has been wasted. I really hate wasting time! It’s totally my own fault, but simply knowing that doesn’t actually help me change. Identifying myself as a maximizer gave me a handy context to watch myself fall into this pattern, and determine whether it’s useful or not. Now I challenge myself to make a satisfactory choice and reevaluate later in situations where maximizing won’t have a great ROI no matter what the final decision is. I still like to do my maximizing thing when looking for the best deals on flights, for example. Because it can literally pay off! And there it’s a strength. “Here, let ME go down multiple internet rabbit holes and compile information!”, I say with a genuine smile. Are you a maximizer or a satisficer? #lifecoaching #coaching #satisficermaximizer #decisionmakingprocess #choices #knowthyself #selfawareness #perspective #vanessavellacoaching

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