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Instagram photo by choihee¿Dónde Estás? You were beautiful like this love song, Your voice was so sweet like the lyrics, Your heart beat flew like this rhythm, Your hair was smooth just like how this song is, My fingers misses running though your hair, My nose misses smelling the scent of your shape, My eyes misses waiting for you to come home, And my heart has been dying for waiting for so long, I look at you; that you are already on the different page of your life, A whole new novel with another different "cover"?! Do I still exist in your heart? Is Oda still sitting there waiting for me? Does Oni still remember whose was his Dad ? Why I have to be in this tunnel that has no way out? Why is it always a circle for me to keep walking foolishly? Why the fucking god damn I can not erase you yet? Why I so fucking hate to see your smile like nothing has ever happened ? Once in a while, my eyes start dropping tears, Dropping so fast that they flood like a river, Once in a while, my mind replay the movie of us, Its called the best of me, and you shredded me into pieces, Now its all over, and im going "loco", Facing the wall, punching the floor, mocking the door, why it dont talk back? Cursing the world, split to wall, why there is nothing coming back? It is just me, and the shadow of you that left behind. I used to put your photo in my pocket to carry you around the world, Now you cut it in half to hide me from your world? How brutally can Love be even more? How many tragedies that are left to me to face with ? I used to feel you through my breath, through every step I set and through every days I live, Now I feel you through the flash of my memories, through the street we walked and through the corner we made love?! Why it is so cold to let me alone in this love? Why you took the best of me and just disappear ? Donde estas mi el ángel? Por favor volver a mí y déjame sentirte una última vez, Porque esta será la última vez que te pregunto #poetry #poetrycommunity #espa ñol #literature #latin #love #brokenheart #latino #latina #lyric #song #musi #asian #writing #writer #viet #vietnamese #lol #swa #olvidarete #chef #cheflife

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