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Instagram photo by ania_elizabeththis might be a bit long but i have to share. 🌸 i was talking to a woman today and we got on the topic of choosing joy daily. i offhandedly told her i figured out the cure to bad days which is not something i had really ever verbalized to anyone. she loved my little trick so i thought you might too. 😚 #sharingiscaring it's so simple it doesn't need a fancy blog post. when i am having a bad day, i treat others better than the way i feel. the way i do it is by sending three genuine texts/notes of gratitude to people i should probably express that to more often - friends, family, team members at work, whomever. it's not fake or forced -- i think about who i am thankful for in that moment. usually it's a text with loads of emojis or a quick Venmo for coffee on me. it's just me shining light through the cracks instead of giving into the bad circumstances. and it has a 100% success rate. i was in a class the other day and they asked us to think of our last "bad day" and i was stumped. this silly little trick i do has made my heart get after grateful when it's HARD. i just have refused to give up on days. because then you end up living for "when this happens, i'll be happy" and i've been there, done that and ain't never going back. ✌🏼sorry this is long winded but seriously it's been changing my life and for once i'm not being dramatic. nothing fills my cup quite as much as filling someone else's. so many people go their whole day or week or month without hearing someone say "i appreciate you" and the responses i get to the text snap me out of my funk so quickly and thankfulness seeps in. anywho, just me sharing a little quirk about myself. i have really just been thinking about how many young lives i've known that have ended far too soon and i want to squeeze out every last drop for them and for a certain special boy, Quinton. just wearing my heart on my sleeve tonight, i guess. ❣️💪🏼 #thisisscary

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