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Instagram photo by sarahrehmatulla #brightlineeating @brightlineeating #beachbodyready #bikinibody #diet #portioncontrol #nosugar #wheatfree Having tried many #diets recently over the years, and with my increased desire to bring that knowledge to a pin-point focus to adopt and integrate into my daily life, I firstly sought out experimenting with weight loss via Slimming World. I lost 7lbs in weight with some effort involved, naturally! Cutting out #oil helped, as did #snacks of crisps and chocolate. Next, I looked into Dr.Sebi's Alkaline Diet, after learning about the #Alkaline Diet some time ago. Dr Sebi focuses on non-hybrid food. Obviously, it is a high #nutritional diet. Still, I've felt the need to think about #weight loss, both for my #health and ability to enjoy activities such as sport (it is much easier if you are carrying less weight around!). The Bright-Line dietary concepts consist of various parts, not necessarily seemingly related, however, after careful consideration, it is clearly cleverly put together. First up, ditch sugar and flour. Sugar is not a big issue for me, I don't even have a regular pack of #sugar in the house anymore, just date syrup, rice syrup and #agave syrup:- yet I may be called to wave farewell to that, too. And flour, it tends to create many meals from #cereal , #bread , #pastries , through to pasta. I have reduced my consumption of bread, and previously pastries, until a #vegan cafe opened up selling French pastries. Pasta...I tend to max out on to the point of boredom at times...familiarity breeds contempt! The final two Bright Lines are regular meals only, no snacks, which I already follow a d finally, quantities, something I can be grateful for #Slimming World teaching me, but in that instance, it was unlimited for #carbs , vegetables and some other foods. I did learn to measure oil, #nut butters, cereal, #soya milk, bread and much more. How to support the diet is the most comprehensive I have ever seen. I formerly wondered if creators of the diets even cared how someone would action the #diet and potentially struggle. Continued:- link in bio

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