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Instagram photo by pollypocketparadise - Finds #mylittlepony #mlp #mlpg1 #g2 #mlpg2 #carebears #pollypocketparadise
- Finds #mylittlepony #mlp #mlpg1 #g2 #mlpg2 #carebears #pollypocketparadise
pollypocketparad... pollypocketparadise
gashlycrumbtinie - @courtneyslove
shelvesofwhimsy - Lara These look oddly familiar 😏😂 I'm guessing we went to the same toy show 😂
pollypocketparadise - Your Favorite Choking Hazard @shelvesofwhimsy we sure did! I didn't know you lived nearby
shelvesofwhimsy - Lara @pollypocketparadise I do! I saw those Carebears but said I would circle back and they were gone lolol
pollypocketparadise - Your Favorite Choking Hazard @shelvesofwhimsy aw 😔 I hit up that first booth and the guy was so nice. I told myself to not start spending until I had walked around but he gave me a good deal so I was like "hrmmmm ok!" Lol
shelvesofwhimsy - Lara That's ok! It's one of the first ones I hit too lol. The price was very good, $3 each so I can't blame you!!
carebear_carl - Carolyn Consolazio @pollypocketparadise Oooh that Christmas pony!! Love her! ❤️🎄