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Instagram photo by jfaces - Share on ALL social media and tag!✌
- Share on ALL social media and tag!
jfaces jfaces
jfaces - #sororitysisters #sororitysistersfail #dontwatchss#boycottsororitysisters
jfaces - #sigmagammarho #sgrho1922 #sgrho #butleruniversity #howarduniversity #prettypoodle
jfaces - Would love it if you can repost - @djjonquick @greekshenanigans3
roi_argue - King_Karis More then likely you are going to HELPED the shows viewership by directing traffic to the shows solely to see what it is u are boycotting. This can lead to misconceptions of humor an actually attract those ppl who don't know what real Sorority Sisters act like to become fans of the show. Think about it
jfaces - That is a thought and appreciate your view. However, Since the hashtags used are boycott sorority sisters and don't watch. More than likely, the ppl this is targeting are already in the know and have been using both hashtags. @roi_argue
jfaces - The topic has been discussed on all social media, blogs, radio, etc. in depth with memes and sponsors pulling and interviews. If everyone is discussing the end to what's been dubbed "ratchet TV" they won't watch.
premierchoicephoto - Patrick Carter Wait, Sony pulled a movie off some threats and VH1 is still gonna try to air this foolishness?
jfaces - Lol Pat we KNOW they're scrambling now...they need to take notes from Sony. @premierchoicephoto
Instagram photo by pale_jacki - So proud of my boo bear being accepted into Butler!! #gobulldogs #butler #butleruniversity  #college #boyfriendstatus
- So proud of my boo bear being accepted into Butler!! #gobulldogs #butler #butleruniversity #college #boyfriendstatus
pale_jacki pale_jacki
butleru - Butler University Congrats, boo bear! #butlerbound
juliannajarabak - Julianna Jarabak Johnson CONGRATULATIONS! Such an amazingly fun and life changing 4 years ahead of let's whoop IU today! Butler Forever! #GoDawgs #ProudAlum 👍🏀🐶