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Instagram photo by cocoquita_msofab🤗TAG SOMEONE AND SHARE THIS POST IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO NEEDS TO HEAR THIS MESSAGE PLEASE:::::🗣"There often comes times when you have to bite the bullet face your fears and press forward. When on the path towards your own success you must have tunnel vision. You have to be your own boss and demand yourself to perform in EXCELLENCE WITHOUT EXCUSES!. Sometimes YOU WILL have to WALK ALONE. 🙇 . . Don't worry it's okay. When you want more out of life sometimes YOUR CIRCLE HAS TO CHANGE. You have to let go of comfortable people. Surround yourself with people that are where you want to be and that are aspiring to be greater as well. . . . .IT'S TIME YOU CHANGE YOUR SO CALLED "DREAMS" 🙇🛏🛌INTO "GOALS"😎🌎💰Dreams are nothing but the pretty little pictures your mind makes at night. When those dreams become GOALS and those goals become PLANS.....those plans become ACTION and that action becomes PASSION!....and that passion becomes your JOB and your job becomes your PAYCHECK and suddenly you realize that every day that you wake up and get to work that you aren't working at all. YOU ARE LIVING! YOU ARE FINALLY BREATHING FLOWING EFFORTLESSLY THROUGH LIFE." ~Coco-Quita . . .(.TAG SOMEONE AND SHARE THIS MESSAGE IF YOU THINK SOMEONE NEEDS TO HEAR THIS) #CocoQuita #msofab #mywords2you #TagSomeoneWhoNeedsThis #business #passion #drive #model #runway #hollywood #la #california #licensedcosmetologist #networkmarketing #personalmentor #whatsnext
Instagram photo by lattesandplaydatesI know a lot of people have a preconceived notion about network marketing, just like I did. I'd seen so many of the typical network marketing things like in-home parties that I was often invited to and felt obligated to make purchases at, even if I didn't use those products or have any need for them. I wanted to support my friends but most of the things I bought just sat on a counter or in my closet until they were thrown away probably a year after sitting in the same spot (Sorry. 😔). . Naturally, I was hesitant about joining Plexus. My husband was afraid our house would turn into a supplement warehouse and I was afraid I'd annoy my friends by talking about it. It wasn't until I really understood the impact of gut health, blood sugar regulation, and just detoxing our bodies from all the crap that's in our everyday foods and the environment that I knew it wasn't about selling something people didn't need; it was about sharing something we ALL need, especially me and my family. . A friend of mine said something today and it really solidifies why I consider this my dream job: I'm doing something I'm passionate about and it's helping people in so many ways. . She said: Something else I love is technically I'm on maternity my old job that meant I didn't work so I didn't get paid. Evenly though I'm not actively working my plexus business, I still get a pay check! . Now I know that before I was apprehensive about typical network marketing. Plexus isn't typical, and I'm beyond thankful for that.

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