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Instagram photo by abcsherylAH, Thursday is payday for us Beachbody coaches! ! Sure, I used to love Friday paydays at work, but I do seem to enjoy Thursday's just a little bit more. . Something I am so super excited about is, I have an event coming up in New Orleans for Beachbody and another down south..I am super excited to say that I can pay for them in full. I am Happily stating that I DON'T have to use my credit card! Using that little piece of plastic only means trouble.We used to live on plastic and now I can use the credit card to just earn points for Old Navy and then pay it off in FULL! . One thing I will admit to you is that I have my eyes zeroed in on my future. Listen, I am not in my twenties { though I do feel younger than my age} and I have to think of our retirement. Honestly, we can’t all depend on social security to get us through our golden years. I don’t have a retirement with the BOE! So, it only made sense to work for a company that compliments the lifestyle I desire, which is to get fit and healthy in order to live a long and healthy life! . Maybe you don’t want to earn 6 figures and set up your retirement, pay off your mortgage, help your child pay off college debt, get your hubby a new truck, and hey while you're at it ,help yourself and others get healthy and fit… . Guess what friends? I DO want to do it all! . I could not ask for a more rewarding part time job. I set my own hours, work the days I chose. YOU too can chose the days you want to work. . You can chose to be a; .Part time coach .Full time coach .Hobby~Leisurely coach The choice is yours! . P.S. This actually happened today! Jerry’s computer died and became inoperable. I will admit that a year ago he would've had to wait for one of us to work extra to pay for a PC. Well, I actually was able to get him a new PC!!! I was so happy to do this for him! . You owe it to yourself to check out what coaching can do for YOU and YOUR family. . What better way to live life to it’s fullest then by putting your health up front and center all the while helping your friends and family to live life healthy too? I will get you all the info, just like this post, that is all :} . Beachbody does not guarant

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