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Instagram photo by adiloves_ @Regrann from @law_of_positivism - Tonight (EST) we have the first new moon in the astrological year, in the very first sign Aries. This marks the birth, the beginning of us as individuals and our unique and individual selves are in focus. Aries is the sign that symbolizes the first manifestation of ourselves in this life, in our physical body. The glyph is the sign of the Arian head which is the symbol of being born into the world with our heads out first. We also have a mutual reception between the ruler of Aries (Mars) and the ruler of Taurus (Venus) which gives this new moon equal energy. The Taurus energy also focus on our grounded reality and on our physical bodies, which we need to nurture and tend to. The Venus energy is also speaking to our need for relationships which our individual selves prosper from and that we have a good relationship with ourselves. Aries is bold, energetic and courageous, and this energy gives you so much power to move forward in with any goals and intentions that you set today. I can not highlight enough the importance of this new moon and the impact it can have on your personal goals and life situation, just as long as you set your mind to what you want to achieve. As usual at a new moon, visualizing and writing down your intentions are important when the window of intentions is open. The new moon means different things to different signs and knowing in what house it sits in your individual birth chart can point out the area of life that is in focus. It also of course affects Aries the most, being their own new moon for the year, and also the fire signs Leo and Sagittarius. Whatever sign you are, make sure to set goals and intentions, wait until Venus ends her retrograde and then make your way forward in full speed 🌸 #newbeginnings #newmoon #aries #newmoonaries #ariesnewmoon #courage #lawofpositivism #meditation #affirmation #dailyaffirmations #astrology #numerology #111 #1111 #444 #222 #mindful #mindfulness #positiveenergy #lawofattraction #positiveaffirmations #yoga #meditation #buddha #buddhism #healingenergy #reiki #kundalini #sohum #moonchild

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