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Instagram photo by theempresswearsthecrownWith the Sun and the new Moon in the sign of Aries it is the time to surge forth with fire in your belly! Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and the new Moon is the first in the new Moon cycle which is going to take us through the rest of the astrological year. The time of just dreaming for what we want is over and the time to "real life it" is here now! This moon gives us a clean slate on which to set out our intentions for the next 12 months and is the ideal time make a solid plan for 2017 and early 2018. As with every new Moon, this is a time to sow the seeds of intention but to also be clear on how we will commit to doing the practical work in order to create the prerequisite conditions for manifestation to occur. As a fire sign, Aries energy is impulsive, passionate and fearless ! Apply this energy to your personal and professional life.. thinking of starting a business?.. Now is the perfect time!.. Thinking of taking a trip or going on an adventure?.. do it now!.. Thinking of giving yourself a makeover? Then do it!! Step out in faith, with a courageous spirit be brace, be bold and watch how the Magick unfolds for you ✨💫💥🔥☄️ A powerful and healing New Moon ritual that you can do is to find a quiet space, where you can relax, if you have incense or a candle you can light them, or surround yourself with crystals. If you have any. 💎🕯 Take some slow deep breaths, breathing in peace and love and feeling it flow freely through your body and as you exhale, feel yourself release any blocks, fears, or stagnant energy, if your mind begins to drift, just bring your awareness back to your breathing. Feel your mind relax, feel your body relax. Then write down 3 things which you want to release, after all, it's impossible to acquire new blessings if we are latched on to old, outdated energies. We may wish to release any thoughts, fears, resentments, outdated beliefs and anything which no longer serves your highest greatest good.. Then once you have completed that, go on to write down 3 things which you wish to manifest moving forward, once again, it could be greater confidence, self love, financial abundance etc... ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

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