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Instagram photo by keytoyourdoors. 2017年二月之🌟🌟🌟 來自日本的作家櫻木紫乃的《皇家賓館》翻譯本。 一本小小的書,蒐錄了數個與皇家賓館有過緣分的女人在種種原因驅使下尋找性的故事。 一如既往,櫻木透過筆下的人物向讀者提出一個又一個令你會反思女權/男權主義的問題—有女性主動要求性,就會比較骯髒嗎?女人主動提出性,就一定等於她是自願的?到底是自願,還是向男權社會屈服,然後自己說服自己呢?故事中的女主角們的結局,都存在於大團圓和悲劇之間的不明朗地帶,令整本書非常沈重。 全書不足230頁,我卻用了差不多一個月才讀完,就是因為這份重量。 . 可惜的是,由於這本書的目的本來就是要令人反思,所以故事性有不足,有時候甚至千遍一律,好像換了不同女主角的原因就只是為了從各種角度剖析女人的性和她們的命運之間微妙的關係。當然,我有這樣的感覺,可能只是因為我對日本的社會不熟悉。 . 閱讀是應該不分國界的,儘管會有語言不通的時侯,翻譯本都可以幫到我們去了解其他文學。翻譯本並不只是一本書的其中一個版本,而是一個突破語言界限去了解別人的世界的機會呢!🤗 - Book of February! 🌟🌟 A Chinese translation of Hoteru Royaru (Hotel Royal) by Shino Sakuragi. Like in other if her books, Sakuragi challenge readers with many questions regarding females' self-determination of our sexual needs. Does it get nastier if a girl ask for sex? Does it necessarily mean that a girl is 100% willing to have sex even if she physically ask for it? Even if one is willing to have sex against will, does it really mean that they're "willing"? Or do they just get numb from the sexism and give in? In the seven short stories, main characters get neither a happy ending, nor a sad ending - they get something blurry in between, which gives the book a vibe that really weighs you down. However, the plot of the stories are not particularly interesting to me, probably because the primary purpose of this book is to make people think, instead of to tell a fun story. But it's just my opinion, it could just because I don't know the Japanese society well enough to be interested by it. [The variety of books we read should not be limited by geographic borders; and in a world where language is not a limitation anymore, translated versions of books are more than just a version out of a hundred- they are gateways to understand other people's culture!] - #女權 #書中自有黃金屋 #閱讀 #社會 #好書推介 #皇家賓館 #櫻木紫乃 #ホテルローヤル #bookclub #bookworm #book #HoteruRoyaru #feminism #followme #follow4follow

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