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Instagram photo by emo.blackaroni"Those who are closest to you are always the ones who inflict the most damage, because you never expect your weakness to be used against you by someone you trust". You go through things in life that just flat out leave you weak. You have to outlast the moment. When someone hurts you to your core it is okay to be upset and angry but DO NOT break down in front of that person. You have to outlast the moment then when you are out of their presence go in the bathroom, closet, or wherever your quiet place is and cry. Men do not let your woman see you cry, unless there is a death or something extremely painful has happened you can be destroyed in seconds when your strength of character comes into question. The moment you break down in front of someone who wronged you, they gained the upper hand. Trust me when I say this. People may show compassion and feelings of remorse at that moment but they will not forget your weakness and they will hurt you again. There is an innate need for people to dominate even in the most meek person. Your colleagues, business associates, friends, spouses, and even family may know some little details of your life that they use against you at the right time. You have to learn how to stay calm while stating your point without the explosive anger or tears. This is not easy and it comes with time and practice. There are many relationships with mutual respect however in a lot of relationships there is one person who is dominant while the other is submissive. There are different levels of submission but that is an entirely different subject. Bottom line up front: People sometimes say things they do not mean in anger but if this becomes a repeated pattern every time there is a disagreement you have to make the decision to stay and not complain or be Empowered and walk away.

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