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Photos and video with hashtag #blogshopdc


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Instagram photo by highheeledtraveler - #blogshopdc
- #blogshopdc
highheeledtraveler highheeledtraveler
thefashionablybroke - Natalie {& Erika} What is this?! I wana go! :)
stylemba - SARA >>> Style MBA @fashionablybrokegirls it's an awesome blog/photoshop workshop by @designlovefest :)
Instagram photo by highheeledtraveler - Colorful blogshop
- Colorful blogshop
highheeledtraveler highheeledtraveler
colourbloc - Amelia Larsen Ahhhh it's in DC this weekend ... I was dying to go!
highheeledtraveler - Jamie It would be so much more fun if you were here @colourbloc :)
colourbloc - Amelia Larsen Would have love to meet you & @nikkirap !!! Next time !
Instagram photo by frijolita - Day 1 of #blogshopdc : total success! (Beautiful goodies from Rifle Paper Co. And Minted.)
- Day 1 of #blogshopdc : total success! (Beautiful goodies from Rifle Paper Co. And Minted.)
frijolita frijolita
arugulafiles - arugulafiles Would love to hear about this, especially if you forked over the cash rather than going free.
frijolita - Alejandra Owens @denadadesign ill stop by on one of our breaks-pretty intense sched!
frijolita - Alejandra Owens @arugulafiles I was able to get work to pay for it. I think it's totally worth it either way. If you want to make your own biz cards, make flyers for work, make your blog more profesh-100% worth it.