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Instagram photo by bedj1111What we Did not learn while growing Up!! Selfworth is connected with Self love ~ but goes far more deeper " the subconcious or the paradigm of Unconciouss programming " Conditioning of the Mind ! Wow so many including My Self has not Really understood this growing Up or even in My audulthood and parenting ! Wow there are so many mask in theway we are programmed to Think if we act this way or that way she or he are confident he or she are shy etc.. But the fact is that the only person who can Know if you have Self worth is You!!! Because we are all taught to be actors in order to be approved liked or disliked or popular or afraid of Being judged ..all is a mask to feel worthy from the outside!! Wow what if we truly can start with our selfes and just stop judging our selfes and others!! When you come to that place of Self worth that is true Confidence !!! By Selfworth we inspire and teach others that its not about Being popular its not about the right clothes its not about the appearence nor the money!! Totally it is all about Self worth in all parts of Your Life .. when you start to breath from this place you Will stop judging others .. you Will stop separating !!! Because its not easy once you are conditioned by the mind to come back to who you truly are!! So stop judging and Hug Your Self, ask for support because that is the Way !! We all can come back to Self worth to once again Shine without comparison And to Step Up and to support our people.. the Ones who are ready !! We are all in this together ONE ~ However we are not ready at the same time " But we are all worthy !! I love you as i love me .. i appreciate all that has been going on Seen snd unseen it has just Made me even more confident that I am worthy and I am here to be Greatness Do Greatness #one #choices #letsgo #high #lawofattraction #mindset #paradigm #shift #selfworth #selflove #men #woman #children #mindup #changinglives #change #coach #meditation #teacher #bliss #wisdom #source #raw #power #iloveyou #traveling #your #food #blessed

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