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Instagram photo by syrianorthodoxThis Saturday March 25th is the 'Fourth Saturday of Great Lent' (sawme rabo/valiyanombu) according to the Liturgical Calendar of the Syriac Orthodox Church. March 25th is also the commemoration of the Annunciation to the Virgin Mary (Suboro da'bthulto) We celebrate the Feast of Annunciation (suboro) to St. Mary twice a year. On the 3rd Sunday after Koodhosh Eetho & on March 25th. This feast is a commemoration of the Annunciation about the incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ by Arch Angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary. In Malayalam this feast is known as vachanippu perunal (വചനിപ്പു പെരുനാള്‍). This feast is celebrated on March 25th, exactly 9 months prior to December 25th when the Nativity of our Lord is celebrated. Annunciation to the Virgin is one of the most important feasts in the Syriac Orthodox Church, so important that the Holy Eucharist must be celebrated on this day even if it comes during the Great Lent, during the Passion Week or on Good Friday. Though not popular in India, the Syriac Orthodox in the Middle East especially Turabdin, Mardin & Jazeera have a tradition where the faithful put on a so called "siboro" around the wrist. This "siboro" consists of a white thread & a red thread winded around each other. When Virgin Mary became pregnant the Divine nature (God the Word; the red thread) united with the human nature (the white thread) which God the Word took from Virgin Mary through the holy Spirit's action. Thus "Jesus Christ" , "One Person" from two Natures was formed. The faithful wear the "siboro" from March 25th (the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary) until Kyomtho(Easter) when it is clipped off and burned. The Holy Bible readings from the Church Lectionary Evening: St. Luke 8:16-21 Morning: St. Mark 3:31-35 Before Holy Qurbono: Deuteronomy 26:16-27:10 Judges 13:2-14 Zechariah 2:10-13, 4:1-7, 8:3 Isaiah 63:15-64:5 Holy Qurbono: I John 3:2-17 Hebrews 6:13-7:10 St. Luke 1:26-38 #syriacorthodox #syriacorthodoxchurch #syrianorthodox #syrianorthodoxchurch #syriac #orthodox #patriarch #antioch #malankara #jacobite #knanaya #suryoyo #suryoye #jesus #church #christian #bible #orientalorthodox #verse #scripture #eastern #saint #mary

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