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Instagram photo by heikashaniI didn't post my last years' #bestnine because I didn't want to be "one of those people" after New Years, y'know (plus, I had better things to post πŸ˜‰), but I just remembered about it and figured, why not, since I can put them all together. There's three compilations! 1) Gotta say, 2016 on @shaniawolf was the best. It's my main account that is followed by pretty much everyone I know IRL (and all of my family, like.. so many relatives holy shit). I post there quite rarely but I really pick out the content there. My ig stories are also a lot more sophisticated there (and less nude, you're welcome, dad). In 2016 I gained a huge surge of new followers through uni and just starting to go out with new people. So at the top there's my artsy hipster picture; photos from Christmas ball and family Christmas; of course, cats; drawings; concert outing and some pretty darn cute scenery. It was a good year and I get the feeling 2017 will be even better. ❀❀❀ #bestnine2016 2) Second one would be 2015 on @shaniawolf , which was kinda eh, but still pretty nice. Entire 3 photos from Hallowe'en are up there, which is crazy, but I had dyed my hair and put makeup on for the first time in forever, so I guess it makes sense. πŸ˜‚ Also some of my pets, graduation picture, grad afterparty and just a selfie with my cute momma. ❀❀❀ #bestnine2015 3) Last one is 2016 here at @heikashani. Didn't have this account in 2015. I'm kinda disappointed, but then again there aren't many likes to contend between either. It's not as bright and quality as I'd liked (and I was obsessed with #VSCOcam filters πŸ™„). But I also think this year will be much better, since I've started actually using this more for backing up nice pictures instead of just throwing down *something* in order to rant in the caption underneath. πŸ˜‚

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