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Instagram photo by sassy_latteIt's funny how I look at pictures of myself and see things that I used to be so insecure about. One (of many) is the size and shape of my lips. No ones ever made fun of me personally. But what I did see throughout my life were memes, advertisements, and caricatures of Black people with exaggerated features. What I saw was how these PEOPLE were boiled down to nothing more than one or two features. I saw the world going along with it, laughing about it. I listened to kids in school create hierarchies regarding beauty based on who had the most Eurocentric features. I saw so much negativity around me that I started telling myself that my lips were too big, too ugly. I can still feel those emotions now, as I would wear lipstick at home, where I was safe, but I wouldn't be caught outside no matter what. I can feel myself ten years ago smiling in a manner that made my lips look smaller, and three years ago, starting to just smile naturally for the first time in my life. I can feel my irritation with men, who felt they had a right to assume I'd give sexual favors based on my lips alone, and feeling a right to sexually harass and belittle me. I can feel the fear and knots in my stomach as I was out wearing a dark colored lipstick for the first time two years ago. Forgetting I'd worn it, remember scrubbing and scratching at my lips to get the liquid matte lipstick off, terrified that I'd look like a clown. There's no real point here, other than.... I've grown. I've gotten stronger. I've weeded out some of the lies that were placed in my head about beauty. While, yes, I do still think my lips are large, I'm no longer afraid of them. I'm not disgusted. I have my mom's lips. She's beautiful and aside from these lips, I've got nothing else from her. I honor these lips as a tribute to her and a fraction of her beauty that I was fortunate enough to receive. . . . #motd #beautiful #sassy_latte #likeforlike #beautyblogger #inspiration #followme #smile #mua #makeup #picoftheday #style #selfie #melaninbeautiesunite #universodamaquiagem_oficial #wakeupandmakeup #makeupslayageworldwide #anastasiabeverlyhills #coverfx #nyxcosmetics #morphebrushes #colouredraine #sephora

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