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Instagram photo by backontrackcanadaGood advice. Ulcers are prevalent in a lot of performance horses. . . . Also modeled here is out therapeutic Saddle pad liner 🤗 @barrelchick10 - Informative post. Read if you dare😅 Have you checked your horse for ulcers? Did you know it's very very likely your performance horse has them? It's believed that 90% of racehorses and 60% of other performance horses have them. All 5 of my horses tested positive for them! Ulcers do not go away with time. They have to be treated. The mare pictured, Caddi tested positive for ulcers. After being treated, she's an entirely different horse! She's sooo much quieter and happier. This mare used to have regular panic attacks. Like full on leaping and freaking out over nothing. Totally unprovoked. Every single ride. Now she hasn't had one in over a week. She was treated for ulcers and is on @americanfamilyfeedco Symptoms include: poor performance, bad attitude, cinchiness, poor eating habits, colic, weight loss, poor coat, body soreness (believe it or not, horses that constantly have chiropractic issues are often the result of ulcers. It all ties in together), etc. There are many preventatives as well as treatments! One of the most important things is to always keep something in their stomach. It's best to feed small amounts multiple times over the day. You want to feed up to a minimum of a half hour before an event! Many grains make ulcers even worse.. for the most part, horses don't REALLY need grain. Certain supplements? Sometimes, yes. Research what you're feeding! A good feeding routine is super important. If you haven't, please please do yourself and your horse a favor and research ulcers. They can be incredibly painful and so many people over look them. - #backontrackcanada #backontrack #horsetherapy

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