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Instagram photo by shannonagathaNobody said it was unnatractive?.. Well then whats with all those girls on youtube talking about it.. All those blogs talking about a certain member of a group band or celebrity who showed up on stage.. And those friends people have that point it out and say that WE SHOULD BE CLEANER.. Its not that we dont clean.. Oh let me tell you dear.. We researched.. Tried all of those natural remedies.. We scrubed.. Some might even get lured to buying creams.. We took care of our armpits like its our baby! . Guys be sayin.."Stop picking insecurities and stop being so insecure.. What shud us guys do? Compliment every one of them?"... LOOK OUT THERE! LOOK AT LOTS OF BODY POSITIVITY POSTS AND COMMENTS! There will always be those guys sayin "body hair is gross" "belly rolls are gross" "u should do workouts if u have cellulite!" "just go to doctor or sth if u have stretchmarks" etc etc. YOU GUYS MADE SOCIETY FEEL INSECURE! Your beauty standards! You saying that we need to saying that "normal" girls will have super bright and smooth armpits..also you guys saying that curly hair is ugly.. KE LAUT AJA SANA! #Repost @marcelailustra with @repostapp ・・・ This is another idea that you guys gave me and I found it super important to talk about. I know many women who suffer with dark underarms. It is a common thing that most of the time is a hyperpigmentation caused by frequent removal of the armpit hair (but may also appear for other reasons). And despite being so common, it is still a source of shame for many girls. They avoid wearing tank tops or bikinis because they feel ugly or disgusting with their dark spots. Girls, you're beautiful and it's not a darker region of your skin that changes that! If you feel very uncomfortable, there are treatments that can lighten the blemishes, but you do not need this to feel wonderful. You already are! It is just a natural reaction of your skin and you should not put yourself down for it and do not even enjoy life because of this insecurity. Love every part of your body and your skin! 💗💗💗 #loveyourself #selflove #autoestima #bopo #bodypositive #drawing #draw #ilustra #ilustra ção #illustration #bodypositivity #bopogoals

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