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Instagram photo by siddhantchawla31Gungun.(Parbeen's daughter) Parbeen is forty years old and works as a ragpicker who lives in a makeshift house in Nizamuddin, Delhi. She earns around Rs.15000 a month. She is a mother of three children 2 sons Noni(17 years old), Arif(18 years old), and a daughter called Gungun ( 13 years old). Parbeen's husband Ali Hasan is a heroin addict and she would often try to get him rid of his drug habits. However, he continued to consume Heroin and instead got her hooked on to it as well, which led to Parbeen's addiction. A few years later, Ali’s health was worsened and was sent to a rehabilitation centre in Chandigarh which led to her living alone and taking care of the children. Parbeen’s addiction reached its peak and she would spend all her earnings in buying drugs. She has been accused of stealing, begging on the streets and also would often sleep with other men for money or heroin. Parbeen also rents her makeshift house for people to indulge in sexual activities. Arif and Noni, Parbeen’s sons are also under the influence of drugs and have been accused of stealing, dealing in drugs, and are never found at home. Her daughter Gungun, is a very bright child and she refuses to live with her mother. Gungun usually lives with her father’s family near the Nizamudin Dargah or sleeps in a shelter home. She is affiliated with a NGO, goes to a government school and is one of the brightest students of her batch. Gungun hates her mother and avoids meeting her for too long. She says that she wants to become a doctor, lawyer or a police officer. She claims that if she becomes a police officer, she would burn down the entire neighbourhood, and especially where her mother lives. She says that the entire neighbourhood is under the influence of sex, drugs and robbery. As per locals and medical reports, Parbeen was tested HIV+ and was also sent to a de-addiction centre however she managed to run away. She is now four months pregnant with another child, with a boy in his early twenties. She has been rumoured to be having a relationship with that boy and other men as well.Her neighbours and friends say she will vanish from this neighbourhood and sell the child once it's born.

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