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Instagram photo by kingofswaglan @aziziumi_rage #QueenOfGypsies Royal International Artist taking Residency called upon by the indigenous community of #Jamaica #LivingGoddess STEP 1. MATTER & ENERGY AREN'T the SAME ** THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT ** I'M LEARNING TODAY.. AS I UNDERSTAND from MICHELSON-MORELY LIGHT SPEED cannot be measured..out in space.. LIGHT REQUIRES MATTER TO REFLECT off of in ORDER to be SEEN.. THAT'S WHY SPACE IS BLACK * SO since matter & light require EACH OTHER IN ORDER TO BE ** NEITHER IS REAL ** these 2 MEN EKSPOSED ALBERT ZIONIST EINSTEIN as a FRAUD & A LIAR. "Matter and Energy really aren’t in the same class and shouldn’t be paired in one’s mind. Matter, in fact, is an ambiguous term; there are several different definitions used in both scientific literature and in public discourse. Each definition selects a certain subset of the particles of nature, for different reasons. Consumer beware! Matter is always some kind of stuff, but which stuff depends on context. Energy is not ambiguous (not within physics, anyway). But energy is not itself stuff; it is something that all stuff has. The term Dark Energy confuses the issue, since it isn’t (just) energy after all. It also really isn’t stuff; certain kinds of stuff can be responsible for its presence, though we don’t know the details. Photons should not be called `energy’, or `pure energy’, or anything similar. All particles are ripples in fields and have energy; photons are not special in this regard. Photons are stuff; energy is not. The stuff of the universe is all made from fields (the basic ingredients of the universe) and their particles. At least this is the post-1973 viewpoint. What’s the Matter (and the Energy)? First, let’s define (or fail to define) our terms. The word Matter. “Matter” as a term is terribly ambiguous; there isn’t a universal definition that is context-independent. (Continued Below) #wisdom #Kingston #steveaoki #spilledink #meditation #skrillex #afrojack #tiesto #davidguetta #fblog #beentrill #muse #paris #hypebeast #wutang #rastafari #africa #afropunk #fblogger #thehundreds #reggaemusic #oliverrousteing #modelblog #rasta #maisonmargiela

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